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When you are choosing a hot oil heater, are you looking for reliability or efficiency? The typical answer is both. But how efficient is a heater if it locks out? What is the cost to the paving job or other customers if the heater is not running? At Meeker, we know your heater needs to be there for you, day in and day out, week in and week out.

That is why we developed the Patriot heater. This heater is specifically designed to be dependable all the time, just like a Patriot soldier. Our 2 pass helical heater absorbs the most btu energy out of the burner flame which directly correlates to low stack temperatures. And if that is not enough, you can option our SABER STACK which drops stack temperatures even lower, sometimes as much as 100 degrees F!

All of our heaters are prewired and pre-fired at the factory before it ships to you. That way, we know the burners light and you can be in business in no time.

All of our heaters come with a PLC (programmable logic controller). Once your heater starts up the PLC tracks things like the hours the burner ran (some states require you to report this), number of times the burner cycles (for trouble shooting), stack limits, temperature limits, and flow limits to name a few.

Our expansion tank is mounted off center of the heater to allow it to keep cool. Others mount their expansion tank directly above the heater, taking all the heat from the heater itself. We also make our expansion tank removable so you can mount it anywhere if you choose. The tank comes with a magnetic shut off switch and also a visual expansion tank level indicator.

The heater uses a high flow SIHI centrifugal pump with mechanical seals for 12’ per second flow through the coil. This turbulent flow through the heater keeps the oil from degrading.

We use Webster burners on our hot oil heaters. The burner is a Webster JB1 burner which features an adjustable combustion head assembly. This allows for unmatched fuel to air mixing, smooth lights-offs and quiet operation. The modulating burner operation creates a wide turn down ratio.  This allows the burner to fire only at its demand.   In other words, if less heat is required, then the burner fires only to that output.

Here at Meeker we pressure test and test fire every hot oil heater before it is shipped .

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