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shopfab-1.jpgThis trailer is a 15 tons per hour portable asphalt rubber blending plant designed to take processed crumb rubber and blend it with super-heated liquid asphalt. The processed crumb rubber comes from the millions of used tires that are replaced with new tires on our automobiles and other vehicles. After the blending is complete, the liquid asphalt with melted crumb rubber is metered into a Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) facility. The liquid is blended with heated stone at the HMA facility to make the asphalt that is used on our roads.


When specified and in operation, there are approximately 2,000 used tires for every mile of asphalt road paved. The system includes a 2.0 MM Btu Hot Oil Heater, Heat Exchanger, Crumb Rubber Hopper with Feed Augers, Blending Tank with 75 HP Turbine Mixer, 5000 Gallon Coiled 2 Compartment Reaction Tank with Mixing Auger, two Process Pumps, Metering Skid, Control Room, Plant Controls, and all of the interconnecting process plumbing. All of the equipment is mounted on a 45’ long trailer.

Product /Project Title:


Portable Asphalt Rubber Blending Plant

Product Owner:



Product Location:


Scottsdale, AZ

Date Completed:


September 2013

Overall Height or Length:


45' L

Diameter (feet/inches):


7’ -4” (Reaction Tank)

Capacity (gallons):


5,200 (Reaction Tank)

Steel Tonnage Used:



Steel Thickness (inches):




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