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In the past half century in North America, batch plant technology has been static, almost non-existent. When the drum plant was introduced in the 1970’s, most if not all the technological advances went to that process. Many companies thought batch plants would “go away” as time went on but they did not. Batch plants continue to serve a specific purpose within urban regions and areas where aggregates aren’t consistent. In fact, 95% of all plants in Europe and Asia are still batch plants.

Recently, Almix, Inc. introduced a completely innovative batch plant to North America. Almix re-engineered the batch plant and brought a masterpiece to the marketplace. They took time to look at the marketplace in North America and realized the specifications are changing rapidly for hot mix asphalt and the current batch plants do not give the producer the benefits they desire.

When shopping for a batch tower or a complete batch plant, look seriously at this plant. Here are some of the features available as standard equipment on an Almix batch tower.

  • Batch tower is completely enclosed. Top to bottom!
  • Hot bins are insulated.
  • Warm mix ready AC bucket and spray bar.
  • Synchronized Mixer Gearbox eliminates the wear and tear of timing gears.
  • Separate weigh hoppers for aggregate, dust, RAP, and liquid AC.
  • Super wide platforms around entire tower with wide stairwell up side of tower.
  • Safety gate on Mixer gate captures “stringers” coming off other mixer gates.
  • Central vacuum system on batch tower levels for easy clean up.
  • Reversible mixer paddle tips.
  • Large openings on both sides of mixer for easy access.
  • Platform on mixer level for adding “bags.”
  • Continuous level indicators on hot bins.
  • Camera system on each level of batch tower.
  • Innovative linear motion multi-deck screen reduces screen cloth wear and provides for more efficient screening.
  • Under mixer hot mix silos eliminate the need for cumbersome flop chutes and expensive drag conveyors.
  • Optional "Dratch Plant" configuration allows the best of drum and batch processes.


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