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Meeker cold feed systems are built to outlast even the toughest loader operators. We build all of our cold feed systems with a minimum of 1/4" steel plate 100% welded inside and out. All of our bin legs are bent steel to form a sturdy foundation. Each hopper is reinforced to provide extra rigidity where the aggregate weight is concentrated.

All bins are built with steep walls to prevent even the most stubborn materials like foundry sand from clinging to side and sloped walls. If you have a particularly stubborn material, we can add super slippery plastic liners at the factory to prevent material build up.

Our grizzlies are built with heavy duty flat bars mounted on the short direction and crossed with rebar. The rebar is notched into the flat bars to provide a smooth, yet solid surface for the loader operator to rake his bucket across.

Our belt feeders are available with troughed or flat idlers. The idlers are closely mounted to allow for high impact areas on the feeders. Our feeders use either vulcanized belting or belt splice. The choice is yours. We provide AC variable speed drives, DC drives or Eddy current drives on all our feeders.

Many operators want no flow switches, moisture probes, and even bin indicators in the hoppers. We build systems to your specifications, not just ours.

Meeker manufactures a PLC cold feed controller system which includes mix designs for your most common mixes. On batch plants, an operator can set his feeders to a mix design and the feeders will automatically feed at the desired percentage. This saves money when it comes to drying aggregates. You now only dry what you are making and waste is minimized out of the overflow and oversize chutes. An operator also has manual control over the feeders should he want to increase or decrease a particular flow rate.

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