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Whether you are adding to your existing silos or building a new system, Meeker Equipment is your silo system choice. Our silos are built with the asphalt producer in mind. Our silos feature recessed side wall liners. By recessing the sidewalls, you keep a smooth surface for the hot mix asphalt to slide. Other brands add sidewall liners on top of the silo walls. This creates a lip on the inside. Over time, the aspahlt churns in this area. If you don't inspect, holes wear in this area damaging or ruining the silo. We've solved that problem with our recessed liners. 

Our top of silo batchers are built for the 21st century. We hold over 5 tons of materials in each batcher. Large gobs or batches decrease the chance of segregation in the mix. Other brands were designed in the 1970's when plants were smaller. Their batchers hold 2 to 3 tons, hardly enough for today's marketplace. We split the mix as it goes into the batcher, so when the material falls into the silo, we get more even distribution of the mix in the silo. 

Our batchers are accessed from the outside. All working parts are accessed through caged gates or doors in the side of the batcher.

All Meeker silos come with massive heavy duty clam shell gates and a 36" opening for fast and smooth operation. Trucks get loaded faster and the oversized clam shell gates close smoothly. If the main clam shell should ever fail, our safety gates are built to close quickly to allow personnel to minimize material loss and maintain safe conditions for those around the silo.

When your shopping for silos, give us a try! We think you will like what you see.

We build our silos with welds on 100% of the inside and 100% of the outside. This joint is the best and strongest joint possible. 

Our silos have main clam shell gates and a second set of safety gates that activate on low air pressure. 

Meeker silo legs are massive. We use heavy duty steel legs and tie them together with A Frame made from thick tube steel. 


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