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Meeker Equipment recently introduced two different versions of a liquid AC (bitumen) in-line sample valve. The valve can be ordered in a vertical mount or a horizontal mount configuration. The in-line sample valve allows operators to take a liquid AC sample in the supply line to the drum or batch plant.This allows operators to place a safe container in a lockable box with a window.When the sample is placed in the box and door is closed, he/she can turn a manual handle to begin taking the sample.Once the sample is adequate, he/she returns the valve to the closed position and the door can be opened.   

The entire assembly is hot oil heated (electric heat is not available at this time) to allow valve to move easily.   The sample is a very small flow of liquid AC and the valve shuts off completely.

As an OPTION, we offer the manual valve with a spring return option so that if an operator removes his/her hand from the valve, the valve will automatically go back to the closed position.

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